Electronic-Music-Cruise  Electronic-Music-Cruise

What are electronic music cruises?

Electronic Music Cruises for the most part are music festival that takes place inside a cruise ship. Usually, the cruise

stops at multiple destinations. While the cruise ship is at sea, different DJs of electronic music play around the cruise ship

entertaining their fans. These kinds of cruises are very popular among electronic music fans.

 How can I book an electronic music cruise?

There are several electronic music cruises events that take place throughout the year. Here we have the most well known electronic music cruises:

1. Holy Ship! Website: http://holyship.com/

2. The Groove Cruise Miami. Website: https://www.groovecruise.com

3. The Groove Cruise L.A. Website: https://www.groovecruise.com

4. Inception at Sea. Website: http://inceptioncruise.com/

5. Shipsomia. Website: http://www.shipsomnia.com/

6. It's the ship. Website: http://www.itstheship.com/


People all round the world gather for these amazing parties. Cruises are all inclusive and plus the amazing music all around the cruise ship, not to mention

different destinations that the cruise ship will stop at. An electronic music cruise it's definitely an experience worth trying for!